Would you like your resume infused with Reiki so it works for your highest good? You can enhance your career by combining it with your spiritual evolution. If you don't have a spiritual bend, that's okay. How you work is up to you. I have a strong corporate background and get great results.

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Receive guidance to develop a great resume, set career goals, or work through the problems of making changes, work re-entry, age, and dealing with other career challenges. If you work in an usual industry like psychic work or healing arts, you've come to the right place. No one can frame what you do better than someone who knows the industry and the market.

For those who landed here and don't want to mix spirituality with their career, I hear you. I offer coaching and career assistance done your way. I work with lots of people who are not interested in having a resume infused with reiki. I have a strong business background. I also know the systems and how set you up for success when your resume hits automated tracking systems and other screening processes. I have an easy input for on another site. Let's talk!

Are you a  professional with a much deeper job history? I know the tech industry and management too. Just use the contact form link in the menu bar to contact me for rates and information.