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I provide readings by phone or email. The cost is the same for the selected amount of time. Email works best when you can be online and respond. A two-way conversation allows you to ask questions immediately. If that's not possible, you'll still receive a great reading. 

You may purchase multiple sessions for complicated problems or in-depth readings. Some folks like to book two sessions and use different reading methods to compare the results. These mixed sessions often yield information in greater depth. 

Intuitive readings are very popular. I use whatever senses send me messages for your specific needs and situation. Still, many people feel a special connection to angel numbers, archangel oracle cards, or colors.

I'm happy to discuss the choices and help you make a selection, especially if it's a channel you haven't used before. There's no charge for an email or a 5-minute call to help you decide.

When I receive your payment, I follow-up with an email or call/text (whatever you indicated you prefer when you ordered) to set up a time and ask you to choose your preferred type of reading, as well as whether you want to use phone, email, or text messaging. All sessions must be paid before taking place.