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Make a great first impression! Let me make YOU look like a pro. Every person selling services or products writes--posts, presentations, blog content, website design, ads, and more. Mistakes look unprofessional and lose customers. I'm a published author and writer with years of experience in all media. $20 twenty minutes or per project.


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Mistakes make you look unprofessional. I'm a published author and writer with many years experience. I have another site with testimonials. Look like a pro immediately! $20 twenty minutes or per project.

Many small projects can be done within the 20 minute rate. I'm an exceptionally fast reader for proofreading too. Never send out an important email with a mistake again! Contact me for an estimate if you have a large project. 

You won't get strange questions about tarot website content or editing a book about Wicca. On the other hand, I bring a corporate background to the table also. If you need a bio, company story, or family history, written, I've done many.

Writing is not one size fits all. Websites are different than landing pages. Those are different than blogs, social media posts, or captions. Every industry needs good content. You want to reach your customers and be remembered. 

I can help you do that through great material that's polished, easy to read, and professional. Whatever you are selling, it will sell better. I stay current on style, length, and other trends that change too.