Hello, I'm so glad you stopped by. Let me introduce myself.

First, I've been intuitive and talked to the universe, spirit, God, or whatever term fits your beliefs, since childhood. Don't be offended by me putting it that way, please. Over the years, I've discovered there are a ton of similarities in all of the many religions and belief systems. That makes sense if you consider the energy involved and the fact that every living thing (and those that are not living) is composed of energy, which is also the source of the information for your readings.

Energy makes you feel excited; lack of energy makes you slow down when you don't feel well and the body needs time to heal; energy causes a fever to help the body kill a virus. It also transmits cell phone signals through the air. You have a unique energy signature, just as you have a unique fingerprint. That's how psychics, readers, and energy healers separate information they receive and identify you. It's also the reason we can work from another location and tune in to you. I've spent many years studying and acquiring skills to serve you.

I'm a Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Registered Natural Healer, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, and an ordained minister. I have no bias about any belief system. Everyone is welcome here. You get to pick and choose the services to help you achieve your goals in all parts of life. I constantly study to learn more about a variety of beliefs and learn new modalities for reading, healing, and coaching. My career coaching takes your spiritual path and goals into consideration too. You always work one-on-one with me. If you have questions or want help to select a reading or service, just drop a note using our contact form. Again, welcome!